About me – Maud Marchant 

After completing my studies in international corporate communication in the Netherlands, I worked in the corporate sector for about a decade, both in France and abroad, holding positions in communication, event management, and strategic planning. During this time, I also conducted marketing workshops in advertising agencies. 

In 2010, my life took a turn, and I relocated to South India with my husband, where we established a hotel and several fashion boutiques. Being in the spiritual center of Goa, I began exploring yoga and meditation. 

In 2019, I undertook a course in “Inner Tuning” (Yoga, Meditation, Massage) and continued my journey in 2020-2021 with training in Reiki 1 and 2, Energy Therapy, and Mindfulness. 

Today, I aspire to share my knowledge and positive energy to enhance daily life and well-being in the professional sphere.  

Join me at The Sacred Mangrove as we embark on a journey towards improved holistic living.